keshutd keshutd Human

Yummy!! if only this shirt was edible!


jazzballg jazzballg Artist

Hey everyone! Have a look at the detail before voting.


jazzballg jazzballg Artist

@keshutd: Yeah, I wish too! Wish you get chocolates that fat!!

kk_Gala kk_Gala Human


darthsud darthsud Human

Nice stuff Gobi….....we want more!

pratz123 pratz123 Human

Now that’s called Attitude!

Snowy Snowy Artist from Texas, United States

make it bigger

jazzballg jazzballg Artist

Thanks for all your comments! And @darthsud: Sure, i’ll keep bringing em on!


I know.. It looks so delicious for some reason!

Just get this done on food rather than clothes, ull sell like hell!

madhul madhul Human

Hey cool concept,intriguing :)

Thing i liked most bout this one, is the subliminal surrealness you’ve brought about.. hits harder.

oooooooooooooooooooooooooohh….i love it…esp the colour!!

jazzballg jazzballg Artist

@krutikakarthik and @aditiprabhakar: Glad you like it!! Thanks!

harshinde harshinde Human

nice work gobi.. :)

jbarvenky jbarvenky Human

would buy it ….+1!


oops sorry!! this is sowmya, if u didnt know who this was..:P

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