bsmahay bsmahay Artist

Excellent artwork! +A voted

Tswizzle Tswizzle Human

Voted love the conceptt and it looks great too

boufonman35 boufonman35 Human from France

Realy nice, he look better on the girl but i like it !

Chreck Chreck Artist

hopefully i get to be the 100th vote :)
i like the placement on the girl much better too, it hides the ‘straight edge’ that’s shown on the guys placement.

AriseChicken117 AriseChicken117 Artist from Illinois, United States

Awesome design! Nice placement! +1 :) check out my newest design!

tavutactac tavutactac Artist from France

thanks for all your comments an votes ;)

JoLi JoLi Human

this is pretty cool! +1

ams1327 ams1327 Artist

Creativity really speak…+1


scheelohm scheelohm Artist

my personal favorite … !!!

Nichtkunst Nichtkunst Human from Vienna, Austria
zerobriant said: really amazing, i hope this gets printed! voted! :)

yes. ;)

too bad it wont print-

losiman losiman Human

how is this not already printed?


LukeBatten LukeBatten Artist from Australia

Cool man! nice work!

ChefRAZ ChefRAZ Artist

I see what you did there. good luck.

NahDutch NahDutch Artist

thats awesome great job on that optical illusion of a t shirt!

Askhari Askhari Artist from United States

Very nice design, I love apparel that plays with perspectives!

Megvn Megvn Artist

this is so insanely cool

stilelab stilelab Human

really impressive

tavutactac tavutactac Artist from France

thanks for your support :D


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