bronzeage bronzeage Human

simple but sweet.+1

haha great play on words! :D

dekoy_david dekoy_david Artist

very nice job.

elex elex Human

I love it. Can i have one please ;D I´ll pay for it ;)

Cozythrias Cozythrias Artist from United States

now that is cute :P +1

and if possible check out my first submission at DBH


thanks :)

ronna15 ronna15 Artist from United States

LOL! this is insanely adorable! +1


Ray8445 Ray8445 Human

Calling to all graffiti artists out there. +1

gilmoreart gilmoreart Artist from United States

haha nice

elen elen Artist

love it !!!

bsmahay bsmahay Artist
TangYauHoong TangYauHoong Artist from Malaysia

haha great!

GRANDR GRANDR Artist from Italy


Angevil Angevil Human

hehe not bad ;)

Dsign Dsign Artist

hmm….pretty :)

pacman23 pacman23 Artist from Florida, United States

pretty cool!

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