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A++ one of the two best I’ve voted on

dude! you so need to start making people pay attention to this one! can’t wait till it gets printed! it’s awesome…and i’m getting impatient

In recognition of the up and coming Alice in Wonderland film ;p?

Wow +1

Nice piece ^^ I actually think the placement is works, just maybe it should be a bit bigger and the background of the image should be blended in a bit more at the edge with the white of the tshirt? Voted anyway though as it is brilliant all the same.

Shirts like this make DbH by far the best shop to buy shirts, so I sure as hell hope this one gets printed.

Thanks for all the love folks.

Why did this not print!? or win!? Amazing art work. lol… Asian looking Alice… Love how there are syringes everywhere… haha :P

omg!!! how come it never got printed!!!!

reminds me of a scene in alice in wonderland .. awesome work man! +1

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