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great illo there but the background doesnt seem to connect..but hey its my opinion :)
as far as the colors n illo goes, i have to say great job dude! :))


The background does connect. To see the full print, go here . I just made the “back shirt in the presentation smaller than the front so the composition of the whole thing would be to my liking.

And Snowy, I didn’t even remember about Balto til now! AHHA!

I Love it… a little repair on the placement and this will rock!

Very cool style. +1

MAN!!!! this is so SICK! surely voted!!! +1

only 9 votes!? meh i added +1 :)

this is too good to be at 9 votes :(

and btw
mind checking out my first submission on DBH? hehe

you have nice designs.


Love it! +1

great shade +1

This is beautiful! Great work.

I love the smile.

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