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good idea !! <

have good time ~

Reminds me of different sized Rubik’s cubes.

me too

yea werd up this is chilll+voted4ya
I Just posted a fresh piece of artwork after several months of moving around and getting settled back in to the creative feel. Have a look if you got the time. Thanks


if this have full size and full colors it awesome than be,coz this good idea….!!! +1 :D

Nice.. i think it’s a rubik cube battle between good and evil!

i think it’s lacking something, sorry

voted + 1… nice


cool shirt, voted, good luck

That combination of colors are vibrating in my eyes and the dark blue doesn’t help to read the design. I think it needs an other kind of contrast. That’s my opinion.

did You read my profile? Just Curious.

thanks for spamming my profile. also, this design sucks


what chef said.
and where is q bert?

i dnt rly get it and wouldnt wear ir sorry :(

Different art in 10k.

interesting design!

hey, thanks for the spam…im sure that will help get you printed

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