BenjaminPhantom BenjaminPhantom Artist from Florida, United States

Love it! +1

MarkusManson MarkusManson Artist from Indonesia

cool… +1

dzeri29 dzeri29 Artist from Manila, Philippines

wicked! +1

that’s cool, nice style..+1

OmarO OmarO Human

Wicked style!!

jun087 jun087 Artist from Ipoh, Malaysia

Nice drawing !

Cozythrias Cozythrias Artist from United States

wickedly freakishly booweee! i dunno what i just said but i like it lol >:) +1

kindly check out my first submission at DBH, (click here)

ths7 ths7 Human

like the drawing. hope it gets picked up.

sooooo amazing!!!! really definitely want this tee to be picked up!!! Good luck +1


Nice art!

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