Manki Manki Artist

I saw this in urban outfitters too
This is cooler rendition of it though.

sirbeauris sirbeauris Artist

Carlton is awesome…

Dara Dara Artist

ohhhh man.

urban outfitters has a shirt out now with carlton, but this one kicks its ass anyday of the week

katoon katoon Artist

This does look better than the urban outfitters one, but the two are very similar as they are based on the same photo.


katoon katoon Artist

whoa, sorry about the way that link came out.

campkatie campkatie Artist from Georgia, United States

ahhh haa! funny

lightclub lightclub Artist

the photo image in the preview in the gallery does not favours in not showing the design actually on the shirt

hyperhyphen hyperhyphen Artist

very funny and is so interesting just today I saw the one on urbanoutfitters too
but still I love the style

kwarns kwarns Human

i’d be more impressed if it was a different picture than UO used. I just bought their shirt on Saturday, and I am pretty pleased.

Maybe make a different one with him dancing, that would be sweeter.

zwhitman zwhitman Artist

Could i give you a high five through the interweb?

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