sionnach sionnach Human

Voted for as promised. Island one not up?

Frayfrays Frayfrays Artist

island was to poorly smudge tooled lol. To hard to print I assume.

matthewx matthewx Artist

great design. looks great on shirt in my opinion +++++1

biotwist biotwist Artist from new jersey, United States

the graphic designer in me cant help by knotice the obvious photo shop filters

Frayfrays Frayfrays Artist

Very true bio, i had smoke drawn on the paper, but I didn’t like how it looked. Thanks for the comment and I know what to work on next time :D

BenjaminPhantom BenjaminPhantom Artist from Florida, United States

Photoshop is a tool (filters and all) used by the artist and is in abundance on the entries and prints on this site. I think you did a pretty nice job with this.

Frayfrays Frayfrays Artist

Well thanks a lot benjamin.

GB_ENIGMA GB_ENIGMA Artist from Thailand

simply cool +1

CaitiBaby CaitiBaby Human

I hope you know I’m ordering this shirt.

dechaos dechaos Artist

niceeee!! :)

dechaos dechaos Artist


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