JH3209 JH3209 Human

I like it….definitely different and the contrast in the dark images mixed with such bright colors makes it interesting and much more of a complex image. :)

chulpac chulpac Human

i like the white of the t shirt… :]]

jthxxxgfh jthxxxgfh Artist

thanks for the votes guys and girls…

chulpac chulpac Human

no..thank u..for being borned

Exclusive Exclusive Human

u better win, all the hassle i went tru to register…
oh yeah, and pojalyista:)

jthxxxgfh jthxxxgfh Artist

thank you thank you

Lyra Lyra Artist

hehe np . The big pic is really nice! good job :} I thought too that there would be close-up when I submitted also..

I really like it, hope you win!

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