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btw it really looks great on black pants! :) i saw my friends wore it and they just love it:D

I just bought one and I am SOO excited for it to come in the mail. I LOVE whales and this shirt definitely captures their beauty.

So glad this got reprinted – wasn’t going to miss it again – can’t wait till mine arrives ;)

nice reprint. got this first time round and it’s wicked.

HOlly shitatke! I would totally buy this shirt if I wasn’t a poor art school student

reprinted on AA…interesting. anyone buy one yet? mine’s on a perfect tee.

Woohoo worn mine a few times. It’s quite a lot smaller than other Mediums i’ve bought from this site but still fits.

Nice print. I got this one. Thanks! :)

I just got mine yesterday, it fits great, it feels great, and the design looks like something I’d frame and hang on the wall. Amazing job.

Gosh, can’t believe it. My size is sold out… oh well, lucky day :/

But u can get 10% discount for your entire order with the code 8VNK3A
at checkout. Valid until 01. August

Danget…they’re sold out in my size….figures.

Reprint for Mens!

Anybody else find theirs smaller than other shirts?

I neeeeeeeed this shirt.

Need a reprint in L ( mens ) !

I’m really digging the effective highlighting in the color scheme, it really adds to the overall flow of the image. Definitely a favorite…!

This is torture! I want to just buy the shirt now, but you are holding that contest and I am afraid to buy it when I could potentially get it for free lol. but i am also afraid it will sell out before the contest is over. oh, the dilemma.

Need a reprint in MEDIUM!!!

Reprint in Mens Medium, I’d appreciate that.


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