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best shirt printed in awhile

i loved this tee. i’m glad that i bought it during the sale.

Thanks everybody for buying these shirt:) more to come :D

E2K3VX discount code expires in 2 weeks, on Thursday, December 10

i want oneee but its all sold out in small :(

This looks really cool and the print looks good.

Its my favorite on this site for sure.

I bought this tee. I’m SOOOO helplessly in love with it <3

Thanks everybody for buying it!:)

Hey, I was wondering what the printing on this shirt feels like. I prefer the thicker/heavier printing that you can feel through the inside of the shirt. Is this like that?

it is not heavy, neither too thick, and the shirt really feels soft and comfortable :)

Hey thank you guys for purchasing:) this makes me happy:) hehe

wow, im getting this shirt!

plz vote my first ever design

Please reprint black in men’s medium. I would do anything to get me one of these.

I’d love to get this shirt, need a L.

When will more size mediums come in?

Nooo! this needs reprinted asap! I kept meaning to order one, but now its too late :(

YAY, reprint!!!

I’ll be picking myself up a second copy of this one!


yes!! hahaha thanks!!

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