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nice design.

sickkkk, it looks soooo good with the dark blue!!
: D

amazing design but it’s too much i think, maybe re arrange it to fit better into the tee?

love the overall look of the design dude. nicely done. you got my vote.

Got my vote. :)

Yup you just made me skeet on the computer! Great design! holy moly! +1

NOW this is something I’d wear :) Good colors!

see how this thing happened:)

Nice shirt!

This is a sure one.

awesome concept, and i like the placement!
check out my newest piece!

I absolutely love the final design, and I’m very glad you toned it down to cool colors. Very nice! +1

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the whale says thank you for the votes and cool comments!!! :)
calling all whale enthusiast!!! hehehe…and art-lovers…lets give
this design a good score even once in a while..:D

nicely done!

I like the coloring on this version more than on the previous version that was posted in the forum.

I want this so bad. Let me know WHEN it prints so I can grab one!

looks amazing brooo

Nice colors!

So Cool !!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~

cool! I like blue whales!

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