Integralapparel Integralapparel Artist from United States

mustang sally! Good placement.

Shah Shah Artist

sweet :)

MarkusManson MarkusManson Artist from Indonesia

nice!!! looks wicked bro! +1

if u have time, u could check my designs too..


curveangelo curveangelo Artist

thanks for the comment :D

Nice horse u got there i like horses i even have one hahahahaha =)) (rolling on the floor laghfing) sorry for the spelling mistake

andrek andrek Human

very nice, but too much blank area… just a opinion.

curveangelo curveangelo Artist

@theacoyiuto: Really??? u have one? wow.
@andrek: thanks for the opinion, very much appreciated =)

GB_ENIGMA GB_ENIGMA Artist from Thailand

will be cool for tatoo too+1

curveangelo curveangelo Artist

thanks :-)

KindredGear KindredGear Artist

I like the tribal horse design, very cool. I wondering about the placement on the shirt though. I’d like to see it positioned differently.

curveangelo curveangelo Artist

Thanx for the comment. but i still find it hard to find a better placement, hehehe. but i will try. :-)

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