lenus lenus Human

This T-SHIRT i have at home ,
i am very disappointed because this T-SHIRT is made of POLYESTER ,
and the picture on shirt is not on right place !
This Company lies .

Sorry its very stupid system , we were lied .

The castle is awesome, but the clouds do not match the style, if the clouds was not there or had a bad design for them I would buy this shirt.

muttley muttley Artist from Philippines


transcend3nt transcend3nt Human from Singapore

make the castle bigger! i’d prefer if you have matched the color of the clouds to the castle and made it smaller, or maybe removing it.

: )

if this didnt have the clouds i would buy 10 of them.

chops78 chops78 Human

Just got mine in the mail and I think it looks great, I agree that the clouds are not supposed to match the castle and if they did, or if there were no clouds, the piece wouldn’t be as interesting. It’s a matter of opinion and taste I guess, but it is a cool looking shirt.

I just got this shirt, and due to some of the criticism i was worried i wouldn’t like it, but it’s actually a pretty nice shirt!

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