LeRichie LeRichie Human

I dig this a lot, great work. I love the colors and the design

I really love those gradiented colors. It’ll look great on a shirt

Kalico Kalico Artist

nice! I love skulls :D +1

Snowy Snowy Artist from Texas, United States

Cool design, but I think it needs to fill out the shirt more or something.

Vo1ture Vo1ture Artist from Indiana, United States

Nice one bro.

wisseh wisseh Artist from Canada

Nice design, voted. Also bigger ftw.

AModernMyth007 AModernMyth007 Artist from United States

Seems like it still needs something. +1 for clean work though.

AriseChicken117 AriseChicken117 Artist from Illinois, United States

awesome concept, and i like the placement!
check out my newest piece!


Shah Shah Artist

Great!!!really nice!!

saam saam Artist


Switch Switch Artist

You know how much I love this Epic, I think this is one of your best.

BenjaminPhantom BenjaminPhantom Artist from Florida, United States

I dig it! +1

jzehcnaslll jzehcnaslll Artist from Philippines

nice accents on colors.voted!


Im in love with this design. If and when it gets printed make sure to ship me one.

renee_nault renee_nault Artist

I’m digging this.

Megvn Megvn Artist

i would love to have this shirt

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