omH9108 omH9108 Human

this is probably my favorite picasso…would love to see it printed +1

macarenage macarenage Artist


You can say Pablo alright! But you made this your own! I love it! +1

FluentSword FluentSword Artist

I think this piece leans far too much on Picasso’s original. It doesn’t have enough of a concept or execution of its own to distinguish itself.




Lady-Lyd Lady-Lyd Human

i second FluentSword. it looks like the color was taken out and a photoshop filter was applied to it.

FluentSword has a point, I should have done a bit more with it. It is NOT a desaturated picture of Picaso’s work. This was taken from a photo of a black & white acrylic painting I did in basic design class in college. I guess thanks for the opinion?

Rishi93 Rishi93 Artist

either way, this would make a sick shirt

Askhari Askhari Artist from United States

Well, if you painted this yourself, my compliment, it’s well done – Inspired works and Interpretations are always good things when they are done well, but they require a personal approach to the essence & meaning of the original picture.

I think the Guitar is a masterpiece of modern art, and I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, I like your designs (the zebra is very cool for example, just voted on that one a sec ago): But I don’t think it’s giving Picasso any honor to print a copy of his painting onto a t-shirt.

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