Dombam Dombam Artist

very cool man!

DomMcCann DomMcCann Artist

Thanks! new to DBH so this is the first of many to come.

acobjoe acobjoe Artist

I know I’m new to DBH, but this design is straight from http://www.cubeecraft.com/cubee/barack-obama

BlindPixel BlindPixel Artist

hrmmmm, well if acobjoe is right, I’m not to impressed with copy & paste work. sorry mate

DomMcCann DomMcCann Artist

hmmm, I see your point. I actually created this vector from a 3d cardboard cutout lying round the house…. if I knew it was already created in this way I wouldn’t have bothered. This is an honest mistake guys, and lot of wasted time =/

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