AdamJaxn AdamJaxn Human

Like this one, sea medusa.

monsi monsi Human

i’ve been only looking at shirts on here that are covered by the art on them. this one is just too cool though, gonna get a job so i can buy it, good job

chops78 chops78 Human

This shirt is great, I’d love to see a large on there.

Rattay Rattay Human

I want one!!! Pls let me have it!

johnypogo johnypogo Human

reprint size medium.. this shirt rules.

any chance to have a small?

squidboy squidboy Human

Sweet shirt! Please reprint in cotton XL.

Dies_Irae Dies_Irae Artist

Reprint Small!!

orfeo orfeo Human

reprint please !

please reprint in medium

re-print! re-print!
this is awesome concept!!

faheyball faheyball Human

PLLEEEEEEEEEEEASEEEE reprint your sold out designs, they are fantastic!

shankour shankour Human

reprint pleaaaaaaaaase

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