pppcoop pppcoop Human

i want more chimps and orangutan’s

_Monk_ _Monk_ Artist

nice one!!! ^^

cube steak baby!holla@yerboi.com

lulu_93 lulu_93 Human


azbeen azbeen Artist from Greece

i agree about the lines….....but the concept is fantastic

Quest Quest Artist

Yeah well this tee was specifically designed with color in mind, and this being my first submission to DBH, I wasnt sure which pics would be featured so I didnt have a chance to make the best first impression of the bat, but if you look at the actual shirt, you can see where the color makes it look better, Thanks for the look though.

dont really dig the lines, ok concept tho!

jjbs12 jjbs12 Artist

sweet. Like the chimp’s pose. I’ve got a couple animals on mine too, check em out

gaunty gaunty Artist from California, United States

cool I’m gonna create a line too, good idea

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