Old30Bastard Old30Bastard Artist from Tennessee, United States

Hell yea! Good work. Voted.

BenjaminPhantom BenjaminPhantom Artist from Florida, United States

Great freakin robot design! +1

mickeyns mickeyns Artist from SRB, Serbia

Thank you humans!

yay! +1

lubchenko lubchenko Human


_chica_ _chica_ Human

Great!!! I luv it :)

CiaranMonaghan CiaranMonaghan Artist from United Kingdom

i love it!

marinag marinag Human

Wow! Mickeyns this is awesome! I also found that this is a character from your animated film!
I’m buying this!

mickeyns mickeyns Artist from SRB, Serbia

Yes it is! Thanks for checking it!
We are trying to help the film every way possible. It is pretty hard to make animated films in Serbia.

Thank you!

All best!

vojak vojak Human

WTF man! I heard that premiere of the movie is on the freakin EXIT fest 2009!? Well that is just amazing! White Robot will save us all!

Look like he wants a big hug. >.< aw! you got my vote. Tell me what you think about mine. :]

I’m not a human, but nevertheless you get a vote from me.

mickeyns mickeyns Artist from SRB, Serbia

Thank you, nonhuman!

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