MarkusManson MarkusManson Artist from Indonesia

GOKIL votenya!!! pasti diprint punya dah nih! selamat2!!!! U MAKE US INDONESIAN PROUD, GIRL!!

milk_sh4k3r milk_sh4k3r Artist

woooww.. so many vote in such a short time.
this is unexpected but very much welcomed.
thanks for all the votes and support!
most of all, love and kisses to my worderful mum =)

keren, cool abiz

moudy moudy Human

Chidy…. nanti gantian vote juga ya kalo daku ikutan :)

Hope you can win this contest….. GBU

gokilman gokilman Human

Go go go…, I like the design, I like the artist, I like this contest.

well, how do i look? great design!! hope u’ll win!!


Awesome, we are the world design

incu manga, awesome design, like they are live!!

I thought you will be a famous artist

laughing laughing Human

incu manga, I like it, keep you good work

I like the back design, good creation !

funnyjoke funnyjoke Human

funny design

shinuara shinuara Human

Hmmmm….so cool!

heppoy heppoy Human

siippp…juara deh… :D

jimiyo jimiyo Artist from United States


albertina albertina Human

omfg love it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You deserve to win

mindtrance mindtrance Artist

Almost all your comments were accounts all created on the same day within minutes of eachother… what did you do spam the hell out of every manga site you could find?

milk_sh4k3r milk_sh4k3r Artist

@mindtrance: i dont know what’s going on..
i am as puzzled as you are :p
i am not into spamming or padding. it’s tacky.
DBH will surely look at my work with the fair votes.

indonesian indonesian Artist

wow! keren ….dapet nih feel manga nya ^

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