mustapa mustapa Human

very nice

binyo binyo Human

good one …... go go girl ….

r102000 r102000 Human


naftali naftali Human

Milk_sh4k3rs has a good drawing skill, a talented artist, good design..!

boyz boyz Human

awesome… ;)

koko09 koko09 Human

Good job!

herta herta Human


go go go…..

Magdalene Magdalene Human

eye catching T-shirt

Nice Design!

richker richker Human

Cool….Nice….Great Job Man….!!!!

OBers OBers Human

Nice…. keep up the good work

Very very nice design..!!

vfvf vfvf Human

nice t-shirt

Luckylady Luckylady Human

I must have one for myself

lenytreed lenytreed Human


evangel evangel Human

I would buy 20 pcs for my friends

patdan patdan Human

hey this is a very nice piece+1 and im d brother of the current vote leader!

Indonesia Rules !

I like the design coz one of the character looks like me, ha ha …

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