Arivone Arivone Artist
this one is the winner i would most def wear this t-shirt!
milk_sh4k3r milk_sh4k3r Artist

thanks, arivone.

Royal_K Royal_K Artist from United States

I like it on the blue shirt. +1
Hmm, not sure if I even need the logo, it’s so small. Maybe have it bigger and on the back? Or maybe on one of the sleeves if it interferes with the design?

nice voted

check out my design


milk_sh4k3r milk_sh4k3r Artist

@royal: yeah, i didn’t want to use the logo, originally.
don’t really know what happened. haha.
i should’ve just placed it on the sleeve, it would’ve looked better.

djonid djonid Human


i can see that your source of inspiration is the same as Arivone.
but you turned it up and made it your own, unlike her.

milk_sh4k3r milk_sh4k3r Artist

thank you for the comments, djonid and keepit_original.
@keepit: yes, i was inspired by Brandon’s artwork. i love his work.
my tee design is actually a 1st draft. here’s the 2nd and completed one.
hope you all can enjoy it :)


xoxo18 xoxo18 Human


bsmahay bsmahay Artist
milk_sh4k3r milk_sh4k3r Artist

thought i’d share this video i made. it’s a compilation of my artworks so far.
i used Incubus’ song called Soft Sculpture as the background music.
i hope you guys will enjoy it :)


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