Sublevel Sublevel Artist

This is a great artwork! I really enjoy this and it looks great on a shirt. The proportion of her head to the body might be a bit off but other than that this is a great print!

xiaobaosg xiaobaosg Artist from Singapore

Dope +1

thestray thestray Artist from United States

Very nice. +1

radiomode radiomode Artist from Antarctica

Lovely drawing…

I love the tone of the overall design. great work

vcalahan vcalahan Artist from France

Yup & would make a great graffiti (maybe U do graffiti…)! +1

joehoracek joehoracek Artist from Nebraska, United States

I love the shading!!


great design. +1
i really would like to see her body extend the length of the tee, too.

check out my new incubus design and let me know what you think!

Ceka Ceka Human

i like it! +1

Tigerbill Tigerbill Artist

Awesome style. I really like it.

such an amazing illustration!! all of your work so far has been fantastic +1 im new on here, definitely favorited (lol if thats a word)

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