nice one!

of1000Kings of1000Kings Artist

wow, 74 votes already…man, way to make a guy feel bad, lol (well, sort of laughing, mostly crying)...
congrats for all the buzz!

Xeltius Xeltius Human

love the piece. Check plus

suceda suceda Artist


Very surreal. Feeling it. +1

iggi_09 iggi_09 Human

wow..voted!does better on grey i feel, given the nature of incubus..

radiomode radiomode Artist from Antarctica

oh…. wow

mathiole mathiole Artist from Brazil


lupoavanti lupoavanti Artist

I know a lot about this subject. Makes me like this design a lot.

abovethefaultline abovethefaultline Artist from California, United States

Stunning artwork and good exploration of the myth. If this gets printed I’ll definitely buy one – well done.

OneAwayJ OneAwayJ Artist

So insane! wow! +1

dabigond dabigond Artist

great job! + 1

moonsrise moonsrise Human

A masterpiece. You win.

ste7en ste7en Artist from United States


pigboom pigboom Artist from Antique, Philippines

Good luck dude..

mcoshinoda mcoshinoda Artist

woooh… nice illustrtion man

Royal_K Royal_K Artist from United States

WOW!!!! This is FANTASTIC! The drawing style is sick, the use of red for a punch of color is perfect – and the fact that the Incubus is a rooster – gets to the point (I would have used the “c” word for rooster, but you gotta keep it PG…) +1!!!!!!!!!

Karu Karu Human

I like it… but for me it seems like it’s missing something? There’s a bit of negative space… BUT! i really like the design :]

Ellsswhere Ellsswhere Artist from United States


ezekkk ezekkk Artist

amazing artwork, seriously. the halftones you did are also equally amazing.

if you could, i’d like some feedback from some good designers, so it’d be cool if you checked out my design and gave me some tips or critique. thanks bro.

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