stilelab stilelab Human

i like it, that’s all

zebra4 zebra4 Artist from United States

This reminds me of the shirt here at DBH called Floral Connexion or somethign. I like it. Check mine out:

animabase animabase Artist from Korea, Republic of

Beautiful… Your art is etching style..
I love it

great design. +1
i might like the whole thing to remain the same height, but narrowed a bit more to the side of the tee.

check out my new incubus design and let me know what you think!

vcalahan vcalahan Artist from France

I can smell it… +1

this is amazing.

dallasc85 dallasc85 Artist from United States

id wear this

HH4Life HH4Life Human

do you print on ur own or anything? I’m just wondering if there is ANY way i can get this shirt because it would be a perfect present for my friend.

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