burnoneLTD burnoneLTD Artist from Korea, Republic of

Looks kinda like the typography style I work with…looks cool. The only thing that I don’t like is the “blockiness” of the eyes…in my opinion it just slightly throws off the design from it’s natural-like flow…it’s still okay as is though.

macarenage macarenage Artist

me gusta. una idea original

immanueltse immanueltse Artist

very creative design

i voted it +1

chubx chubx Artist from Falcòn, Venezuela

very nice! +1

mikep5000 mikep5000 Human

now thats tight.. those eye shots are a nice touch

Royal_K Royal_K Artist from United States

Cool +1!

kampao kampao Artist

love your design +1!!!!!

voted +1

check out my design



Thanks all for the kind comments, much appreciated.

I don’t like the brown… the design is awesome!

Awesome design
My wishes on you…

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