alyalj alyalj Human

Looking good !!!
Good luck !
Voted ;)

estewartm estewartm Human

More original than any other! Great concept! Go Joe :)

good luck Joe!

showcase showcase Human

This is a really cool band T.

Good Luck! =)

henson14l henson14l Human

Love the stuff broski….good luck livin it.


murphy34 murphy34 Human

Yo the VAULT should def win this contest, i dont know how that other design got so high so fast, there are a ton of better designs that his, great job OKOTOJoe

patdan patdan Human

sunnydays i complettly agree and murphy 34 the only reason my brother got so many votes is because he has a huge fan base behind him and yes i agree this is a great piece of art but in my opinion rouges is alot better than this end of story we all vote for who we think we should win not who is more popular you guys dont understand art! probably 40% of my brothers votes arnt even his friends just people that think that iz a better piece of art than this and he is definitely not a cheater!!!!!

OKOTOjoe OKOTOjoe Artist

ok….sooo i guess i need to comment since there is arguing on my comment board here… but if the people like it … they like it. The highschool B.S. is a little ridiculous. of course i would love to win… i always do… i have designed for some of the biggest companies in the surf and skate industry, and feels great to asked to create on an everyday basis. its my life… and passion. end of story. The back and forth bashing seems a little childish, let just see what happens here. best of luck to INCUBUS entries.

emzn emzn Artist

right now, I’ve just received an email from DBH, and they said:

The band loves the submissions… That is why it is taking them some time to choose their picks. Hopefully we should have the winners announced mid-September at the latest.

Good Luck,

surf4grl surf4grl Artist from United States

did you win yet? who won? i love this shirt

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