not a bad piece at all, love your sense of design, is so managable and usefull, like its got real branding and marketing notion, im not making sense at all jejeje, anyways, love your crest type pieces, maybe on this one would have been a clever aproach to make the bass the ax bass of gene, anyways, love the vintage colors and the placemnet, couldnt be better, voted for sure my friend….have a look at my portofolio, hope you find something you like….peace…

mbuddy44 mbuddy44 Artist

Cool Design!!! the others are pretty hot too!

rachelh7 rachelh7 Human

I love this one the best!

meredithh meredithh Human

my favorite :)

melostar melostar Artist


dotd420 dotd420 Human

oh shat b, i didnt even see the “new york, world wide” that makes it even more awesome!

JeffWalsh JeffWalsh Human

This one is OK, but the All American Rock N Roll one is outstanding… significantly better than this one.

this is sweet, but i wouold have definietly gone with the axe bass

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