anacrus anacrus Artist

I like it very much!

sikulas sikulas Human

A great design – your lion looks like he has a sense of humour :-) I love it.

Dakota808 Dakota808 Artist

Hi Nice tee- except (and it is probably just a coincidence..!) but this design is on a kids tee here in Australia. I can’t remember the brand (it could be overseas brand)but it is a lion – same kind of mane style and side on view – only different eyes and with trees (1 col) sillohoutte behind lion. i am sure yours is original (and i am sincere about that – because sometimes great minds can think alike!) – but just thought i would mention…aargh. sorry!

wraith wraith Human

I particularly like the monochromatic aspect of the shirt. And the winsome lion, of course.

CFowler13 CFowler13 Human

Give him foil blue eyes and foil gold hair please.

whats with all the lion heads?

jezhawk jezhawk Artist from Ceredigion, United Kingdom

thankyou – I appreciate you taking the time to look :)

Chill-Lax Chill-Lax Human

Cool design. & yeah you know it-I voted for it
this site actually seems kinda cool

Dakota808 Dakota808 Artist

i will still vote anyway – in case yours is original!

i love it!

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