bakokok bakokok Artist

colorful! voted!

rrriot rrriot Human


Departed Departed Artist

thanks for the votes, people.


Tokyo22 Tokyo22 Human


DISaS73R DISaS73R Human

Wow, awesome!

Nice work ;).

Gymdawg Gymdawg Artist

I don’t like the bottom part, but the flowers on the top are very cool.

Vo1ture Vo1ture Artist from Indiana, United States

Nice one

Dinoo Dinoo Artist

I’m loving the colors.

JI-Daze JI-Daze Human

nice colors man.

Departed Departed Artist

my god, 30. thanks for the big support.

rrriot rrriot Human

post it on gtas, haha.

their using some temp forums now, thought. ;_:

noodle69 noodle69 Human

really nice bro.

Yeah_Hi Yeah_Hi Artist

cool man

Truburgh Truburgh Artist

real nice, i think you shouldve put an example of a girl shirt too though


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