Reliique Reliique Human from Finland

my arrived some time ago..but it so sticky.. its like glued together.. but it looks veeeery good :P

jessybah jessybah Human

woaaahhhhhhhhh. loooveeeeee this

this is such an awesome t-shirt, one of the coolest i’ve seen out of any label or anything, well done, i’m buying mine today!!

Jotok Jotok Human

A back shot and model shot of this would be appreciated.

dagnis dagnis Artist from Latvia

oh wow! looking good! congrats!

gaunty gaunty Artist from California, United States

congratulations what a week you´re having!

louisroskosch louisroskosch Artist from United Kingdom

wow this is sick! congrats.

Dara Dara Artist

ok now that makes the design SO much better. great huge!

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States


derekdeal derekdeal Human

this looks spectacular on a tee

aman aman Artist

I thought I’ve commented on this, anyway surely voted. Looks great on the tee, but maybe some shine would have been good… Still great style, hope you win more soon!

WanderingBErt WanderingBErt Artist from New Zealand

Woah! Awesome! One of my favs on here for a while!

baja318 baja318 Artist

So beautiful…if I ever get some loot, I’m buying this for sure.

jsheldon jsheldon Artist from United States

wow! this will get SOTW!

RikkiB RikkiB Artist from Australia

Congratulations again ;)

opifan64 opifan64 Artist from Canada

Congrats! Wow… beautiful shirt. The retro mood reminds me a bit of Metropolis, which is cool.

kbauthus kbauthus Artist

holy awesomeness. congrats

kennybanzai kennybanzai Artist

WAAAA... Awesome!

challen14 challen14 Artist

so good im buying for sure

casajordi casajordi Artist from France

I receive today mey tees, win with my “imagine” design…The quality is amazing !!! So perfect !!! (to the DBH team : i try to send you an email ! i’m maybe “spam”...)

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