this is more the result I imagined I’d see, upon hearing they asked DBH members to do a shirt about Kiss. honestly, I think the making it look folky and gentle to all animals is an interesting twist. Way to be bold! +1

only design in this contest that i’ve voted on so far.

alohaMiddlewest alohaMiddlewest Artist from United States

love it. +1

chienchien chienchien Artist

nice illustration. voted

batgiri batgiri Artist

thank u so much all :)

batgiri batgiri Artist


svenh svenh Artist

i like it

animabase animabase Artist from Korea, Republic of

Your Kiss design is very unique.
Good luck.

dijardim dijardim Artist

So beautiful your art. I voted you. :)
My art is simple, but check:

Shah Shah Artist

Wow! Great drawing!

GB_ENIGMA GB_ENIGMA Artist from Thailand

nice artwork +1

herky herky Artist from United States

fabulous! +1

herky herky Artist from United States

fabulous! +1

DivineAna DivineAna Human

Kiss + Twee.

I’d like to hear that.

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