Good call on the addition of color. +1

Caspiian Caspiian Human

Just as good as the first one. I like them both. voted

Royal_K Royal_K Artist from United States

This one looks better! The shading is cleaner and the tongue adds a nice touch! +1 You could still push it a little to make it more “The Demon” and less PITT. If he had no chains on his chest but he had Gene’s armour chest plate and Gene’s boots it would look more like Gene.

BTW, I added the “drawing on the computer” info you asked about to your profile page.

We voted like the shirt alot.

MrRocks MrRocks Artist from New South Wales, Australia

as with your first attempt, it’s still too much like the Pitt illustration. Would love to see you develop your own charatcer look.

b_dunn2003 b_dunn2003 Artist

Thanks brother for your comment. Have a great day.

b_dunn2003 b_dunn2003 Artist

Thanks brother for your comment. Have a great day.

qetza qetza Artist from United States

I commented on this in your first KISS sub that it is a cool drawing and it kind of reminds me of PITT. I still think it’s a cool drawing. I only realized after someone posted a cover image how similar it is to not only PITT, but a printed illustration by it’s creator Dale Keown. The drawing is so similar that it brings to my attention the only reason the legs aren’t complete is because it wasn’t completed on the cover. This image was not only inspired but a total copy. If something like this wins it isn’t fair to the artists who actually strive to do something creative and original. Simply altering the embellishments, adding a KISS mask, and coloring a tongue red isn’t enough. Great Fan art= yes. KISS sub to win money on-No



burnoneLTD burnoneLTD Artist from Korea, Republic of

I told you it’d look cool with Gene Simmons tongue! Heard someone else say something about Gene’s armor…that would’ve been cool too. Like the work you’ve done with it. I like to do revamps too…so I’m not going to crucify you there…but now you know…just try to put enough of your spin on it where it’s not as noticeable that it was from somewhere else. Whenever I do revamps now, I try to change as much of it as possible to relate to my concept. If you revamp some work and put enough of your spin on it…even though it might be noticeable as a “revamp”, depending on the work put into it, people (not just friends) will appreciate your work! In my honest opinion, you just didn’t put enough of your spin on this ‘revamp’. Although the smoke doesn’t deter from the design, other artists and people who appreciate art will take it as laziness that the feet weren’t completed and a hazy smoke to cover that up. Not dissing your design, but when I see it…it gives me the feeling that there’s something missing..maybe it’s just me (because I like designs that are a bit busier and not squarely placed on the chest at a regular size…designs with cool placement…pushes the envelope…etc.) Just thought I’d give you some constructive thoughts for you to ponder..

LithDesigns LithDesigns Artist

Nice! +1

Jefferex Jefferex Artist from United States

U keep drawing 2 much of those!

b_dunn2003 b_dunn2003 Artist

Thanks sturtles!

Q-43 Q-43 Artist
PITT comic? it’s nice
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