b_dunn2003 b_dunn2003 Artist

I’d wear this…very nice!

NillaFunk NillaFunk Artist

Sweet style…definately unique in the mass of KISS shirts…you got my vote.

idol idol Artist

Great design, but it has Peter & Ace on it… it will be rejected. Too bad :(

There are no rules stating that the shirt can’t have Peter & Ace on it. There are plenty of other submissions that show them as well.

idol idol Artist

I’m sorry, but…
“Note: Submissions containing KISS design elements that are not found in the provided style guide will be rejected.”
It can be found on the main page in “Design Guidelines”, right from the video.

I see where you’re coming from, however, there is also appears to be an amendment to the guidelines (it seems to really boil down to copyright infringement).

“ The style guide contains the only images authorized at this time that can be used for the contest. If you have your own photos that you own the copyright to, feel free to use them. Don’t steal them off the internet or you will be rejected. “

I guess only time will tell but it hasn’t been rejected yet … thanks for the tip, though.

idol idol Artist

Yes, DBH accepts everything, but KISS must reject these works with Ace & Peter later… I hope they won’t, but there are rules and that’s why almost everybody use just those 2 modern pictures you can find in the guideline.

I see the only reason for it – KISS do have all the rights to use these 2 pictures from the latest photo-shoot, but if you use some vintage stuff, there are no guarantee the band still has right to use it for the t-shirts…

You may be right about that – but if you look at the KISS merchandise store, they are still selling shirts with Peter & Ace. I think that Gene and Paul own the rights to all of their merchandise. As I said, only time will tell. Thanks for your help!

idol idol Artist

Yep, you’re welcome!

voyager9 voyager9 Artist

nice design either way! +1

Badcrow Badcrow Artist

Badcrow digs it! 2 claws up!!!

This is awesome!

beam beam Human

This is a really cool t-shirt – can be worn by either sex. I hope it wins.

capPRdesign capPRdesign Artist

great looking style!

The retro flavor leaves a sweet taste in my mouth. The new stuff is like broken glass. Rock on.

tiny tiny Artist

hi voted!

I like this a lot!!

coloroyd coloroyd Artist

nice ..!!! i like the vintage style.! +1

bwasik bwasik Human

Very Cool

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