Bourkey Bourkey Artist

I didn’t vote on my own design Bananaphone.

Please, check IP records if you wish, this is the only account registered to my IP.

Main135 Main135 Human

Really cool.

Voted, great design man.

And yeah, sorry for the lack of avatar but I don’t feel like getting one. ;)

TheSherpa TheSherpa Human

Beautiful shirt.

Bourkey Bourkey Artist

Agreed’ there pehlipesan.
Even a smiley can’t overcome the bleak grey.

Bourkey Bourkey Artist

NomadSlim, on the entry page it said to post it on a blog. Some of the readers must be new to the site.

Awesome Possum, it looks Neato Frito.
You get my Awesome vote.

02browns 02browns Human

Nice stuff.

sillybob sillybob Human



i dunno bout this one getting so many votes…


Bourkey Bourkey Artist

Once again ekulepeterson, I did what the entry form said I could do, post it on a blog and increase my chances of winning.

ryozilla ryozilla Artist from United States

gold stars for every one!

At least, they could choose some avatars for their profiles… :P

Bourkey Bourkey Artist

Please don’t post obscene comments like that.

NomadSlim NomadSlim Artist

how convenient that all the people leaving comments signed up almost right in order…

Bourkey Bourkey Artist

True that people are making additional accounts, I believe about 7 in total.

I agree that these should be discredited.

ddreyer ddreyer Human

Nice Design, good job man.

28 votes in no time. from all new dbh members! hmmm

RyxEuclie RyxEuclie Human

Cool shirt. I like it. Also, to the staff, certain people have made more than one account to vote. You might want to read this thread here:


Because I think making multiple accounts is against the rules.

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