ZonkerVee ZonkerVee Human

Shout out for MOTOR CITY!

rmgman rmgman Human

I like the non-symmetric aspect of this design with the Kiss Army logo hanging down on one side.

Narco Narco Artist

you stole my idea bitch

Hey Narco, I didn’t steal it, I made it better. My design has 19 votes, how many does yours have. Oh and by the way, watch your language.

Narco Narco Artist

urs has more votes coz you have entered it later and more people saw it. You just cant create anything…

You have the same city design, even the same Font. You truly are one stupid bitch.

Hey Narco, anyone with 2 eyes can tell its not the same font. The font I used is called distressed. And the city design was drawn from a photograph of the detroit sky line. And by the way, I didn’t even see your design when I posted mine. Any other comments…?

Narco Narco Artist

Yeah, your job is awefull and unoriginal.

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