bro great treatment on the picture and amazing concept, funny, i was planing on deliver something like these but i got on the internet and checked that it has already been done, jejeje, bummer, the idea is still great because in the previous version ituses the real uncle sam painted with the gene simmons mask, so we can say this one is adding a little twist to the already made idea, anyways, great illo, make it bigger and add some color, will rock the hell out of this contest, voted for sure….have a look at my latest entry, hope you like it….peace..

perimeter3 perimeter3 Artist

Thanks, man! Yeah I saw the other one – but I prefer mine :)


i prefer yours to bro..peace…

asaule asaule Artist from United States

classic right here!(thats not sarcasm, i like it)

stone stone Artist

salute fir uncle kiss..
good idea +1

coloroyd coloroyd Artist

it’s pretty rad..!!! vote for this

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