I agree with dr-bob76, I got to have one!!!!!!

I saw a picture of this on kissonline and thought my brother(he’s in the army)
would love it!

Love it and if I would have seen this contest sooner would have submitted a very similar design. I hope this gets some well-deserved recognition. I would buy this shirt!

Quick story about why I had a similar design – I was the guy who thought up “KISS Day in South Dakota” last year. Doc McGee and I worked very hard to get the Governor of South Dakota to present the band with the proclamation at Mount Rushmore instead of on the concert stage at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. The band’s schedule and the Governor’s schedule just didn’t let it work out that way, but we were planning to have shirts made with a Mount KISSmore design. Check out how it did go at http://chadsconcertpix.blogspot.com and search for KISS Day.

I would have made them look more evil, but still a cool concept.

hmmm,sexy. can i get this in a girls shirt??

This is the BEST design!!! Pure KISS!!!!

laniharis laniharis Human

I need this shirt.

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