Pichichix Pichichix Artist

AMAZING!!! I love your concept and your design look great.
check mine if you can http://www.designbyhumans.com/vote/detail/54883

trige trige Artist

this is an interesting concept +1

Quizer Quizer Artist

Like the concept

oooorales ese te quedo chida

DrewGliever DrewGliever Artist

quality stuff

A7is A7is Artist

Killer concept. Nice design. Voted.

plamen93 plamen93 Artist

very cool design check mine pls

markkiewiet markkiewiet Artist

Not very original. This is a stolen concept. Shame! :)

blackbag blackbag Human

Stolen concept?
Could you tell me what is 100% original nowadays?

renova renova Human

Simple Great!!!

Kalio Kalio Artist

Nice !

Jefferex Jefferex Artist from United States

Good again. Try a different concept.

footwear footwear Human

This is nice too!!

papabo papabo Artist

Designs as good as this make me smile :)

LithDesigns LithDesigns Artist

Great concept, but eee, I would never scrap my first KISS tape! +1

coloroyd coloroyd Artist

it’s pretty rad..!!! vote for this

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