Shlllink Shlllink Human

This is too good not to come in other sizes.

joemader joemader Human

i love it. i wonder if you could do a yellow one..with lightning!...lightning might not work as well hough…unless you had it branch off really well so that it wasn’t one bolt repeated over and over.

i love this shirt.

hey diehard DBH fans?...do shirt prices go down after a few weeks?

joemader joemader Human

it’d be 5000x better with printin on the back!

bogoio bogoio Artist

more trees???

collisiontheory collisiontheory Artist from Philippines

this is freakin’ awesome!! i love how DBH is pushing the boundaries of printing! this obviously isn’t for everyone but shit yeah congrats bro and i saw that you just submitted this jan08. wow!

Completely awesome. Both colors look great. Congrats.

atomichild atomichild Artist from United States

really nice work such a cool print

WarholBot WarholBot Artist

another tree print so soon?

tomburns tomburns Artist from AZ, United States

sweet print dude!

-apy- -apy- Artist

OMG!!! Crazy print! Congrats!

This print is beautiful. It doesn’t even matter that it’s coming so soon after “TREE” because it’s just that nice.

kstein kstein Artist

Congratulations Riff! That’s fantastic!

schuaa schuaa Human

joemader, prices do not go down, and yes i agree, if the print would have wrapped around more, stellar.

i will say this is an awesome print though. nice work!

Recycledwax Recycledwax Artist


Orgone Orgone Artist

good idea! looks well on tshirt.

Dara Dara Artist

wow. this is great! congrats!

j3jymann j3jymann Human

I really likes this and want to buy it but is there any way to get a picture of the back/side? Does the print just stop at the seams?

sweet print, i think this should be printed on the back toooo if it gets reprinted, id be willing to pay an extra 5 bucks on the 24 for that!

herman16 herman16 Human

I love the men’s shirt so much that it makes me twice as depressed to see the disgusting color the girl’s shirt is on. It’s like they’re not even the same shirt; all the effort put into the cool design is lost in the women’s version.

riffmaster18 riffmaster18 Artist from MI, United States

Thanks everyone! DBH did an awesome job – I’m really happy with the choices they made printing it.

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