pbf444 pbf444 Human

Very Cool!

ronnyp has talent!

Love it! Very creative!

Hiwot Hiwot Human

Great job!

grisley grisley Human

like this tee but don’t know what does it have to be with kiss?
or this is not for the kiss contest ?
anyway you have my vote!!

ronnyp ronnyp Artist

Hi Grisley, According to the brief in the guidelines we could create designs with KISS imagery or without using any KISS logos or elements. I wanted to challenge myself and make something with no KISS imagery. It’s the “KISS Army” and instead of the army “reporting for duty” this army is “recording for booty.” Thanks for your vote!

grisley grisley Human

hehe thanks for the feedback know i understand
i would give you another vote but i just can vote once
peace bro

Like a lot very creative
of course you got my vote !!
could you check mine
if you have time!!

papabo papabo Artist

I think this is hilarious! I love it!

coloroyd coloroyd Artist

it’s pretty rad..!!! vote for this

JeffWalsh JeffWalsh Human

This does not make anyone think KISS or KISS Army… unless you are stretching it because all the other works represent KISS so people make the association during this contest. Out on the street this screams KISS as much as a Brittney Spears shirt would. Definitely would not make a good KISS product.

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