kashiori kashiori Artist

nice design ! +1

AMAZING! Love it! Creative! Artsy!

qtrmf16 qtrmf16 Human

Very nice! Its beautiful! Giving life and light and beauty, very cool!

d2graphix d2graphix Human

Awesome! I love the all over print and old-school stippling effect on the hand

fluffy77 fluffy77 Human

I love it! Very different and something I would like to wear!

Beautiful! I want one.

macarenage macarenage Artist


maciver maciver Human

nice style, good form.

oholland oholland Human

Another lovely design by this artist! I wish all young women or girls could wear her designs. They are awesome.

jpkerr jpkerr Human

So beautiful and makes a powerful statement.

revcooper revcooper Human

I am really moved by the “flow” of this design…with the hand opened to give.

judyh judyh Human

Another great design. I love the positive message.

hiirene hiirene Human

Looks super!

hichar hichar Human

It’s a beauty

leplume leplume Human

intentional & green – i’d so wear it!

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