very nice composing of elements, I think I’d wear it with a darker background-color on the shirt. like your other stuff too. +1

Setup85 Setup85 Artist from United States

To nice! 1 vote so far? Come on!

zitone zitone Artist

This is very cool.

saam saam Artist

wow i love it,it s gorgeous

macarenage macarenage Artist

me gusta!
muy bueno el dibujo pero yo pondría un color de fondo más oscuro.
Tienes mi voto!

SoulKid SoulKid Artist

It’s very cool! But if it’s your head, you will be too abstract! +1

animabase animabase Artist from Korea, Republic of

Your design is very creative..
I love this.
+1 voted.

Tadek Tadek Artist

love that dude,
good stuff..

raphabas raphabas Artist

I really love the design, it’s fantastic. Something about the placement though, I dunno, just seems like it’d look better in a different location. Awesome nonetheless, voted.

Check out my design if you get the chance, I’d love some input.

FeelcITsym FeelcITsym Artist

So simple yet so simply beautiful to my eyes. +1

allby allby Artist

ninhol…I love your designs.

love these colors +1

magicp magicp Artist from Poland

have got your reconstruction tee, this one will buy too :)

DavidBS DavidBS Artist from Venezuela


vanocc vanocc Artist

wish the gray wasnt so flat. but other than that this design is great.
reminds me of peter max. and i love peter max

plamen93 plamen93 Artist

cool design check mine if you like :)

Snowy Snowy Artist from Texas, United States

Sweet design.

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