lhifx lhifx Artist

i really love this design!!! =)

86era 86era Artist

Thank you people! thanks who commented, voted, BOUGHT and now rocks it :)

Awesome … great job

dzeri29 dzeri29 Artist from Manila, Philippines

sick lineworks! congrats!

the best!love it!!!

kryoss kryoss Human

I want a L size !!!!!!

LeSommeil LeSommeil Human

Man, I really like this. Well done!

I’d buy this if I could get it in Large!

enser enser Human


jsonv jsonv Artist from Philippines

I like this! Awesome! It can be also a cool tattoo though. \m/

Raysor Raysor Human

LARGE REPRINT PLEASE. Also is there anyway to get this design? I’ve been wanting to get a tattoo and this would be a sick one.

Please reprint in large

D****T! I wanted one of these! Matter of fact, was the LAST shirt on my “to-get” list! I had the urge to get it a couple days ago when there were still some left, and then today, of course, they’ve all disappeared! Any chance we can get a reprint in XL??

Zedis187 Zedis187 Human

Reprint in medium please :)

This shirt was my favorite piece of clothing i owned until my stupid roommate ruined it….need to reprint this in large

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