herman16 herman16 Human

It’s kind of clever, but I would have liked a more detailed execution. Do ALL of the arrows have to go both directions? Why are they speech bubbles instead of thought bubbles? Maybe the different styles of bubbles could be designed to communicate something more specific – angry thoughts in dark spiky bubbles, calculating thoughts in icy bubbles, romantic thoughts … heck, you get the idea.

I just wish that if we looked closer at the design, we’d find little interesting and gratifying details, but the closer I look, the less interested I actually am.

sirbeauris sirbeauris Artist

nice concept…

melonade melonade Artist

This is one of the most clever tee-shirts I have ever seen.

vincentboey vincentboey Artist

this is truth!

Would it be too over the top to have random sayings or just a random word in each thought bubble?
I voted

I have a bunch of thoughts going through my head now. But they are all empty thoughts! Intriguing design

cmarts cmarts Artist from Indonesia

very interesting concept.

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