bluemonkey bluemonkey Artist

i think you can avoid the emoness by putting it on a female model
i think this will make it more appealing to a bigger community at dbh =]

Xul1349 Xul1349 Artist

it-s a beautiful design. doesn’t matter how “emo’ it is

yeah i probably should have put it on a female model.

Cheeky88 Cheeky88 Artist

simple but nice+1

kanis kanis Artist

XD. +1

hpahaut hpahaut Artist from Netherlands

love the simplicity.
who cares what emo-ish message it sends,
all i would see is someone with feelings and that isn’t scared of showing them :)
(maybe just change the pink in some other colour for the boys)
just love it :)

LifeShark LifeShark Artist


Hi Dok, I like your concept.v,v
Simply Nice…

BenjaminPhantom BenjaminPhantom Artist from Florida, United States

Nice concept. +1

allby allby Artist

nice idea +1

Sindiful Sindiful Human

I think “Fragile – Handle with Care” would be successful too. Cute shirt.

Emo or not, it’s adorable. Though I agree with Sindiful ^ “Handle with Care” would work just as well.
Love it!

ella-phone ella-phone Artist

thats adorable!!+1
oman this woudl ook so awesome as a shirt…

inbntly inbntly Human

Fucking love it, I don’t think its Emo at all, but tells something about a person. +1

badass shirt

I want it

dzeri29 dzeri29 Artist from Manila, Philippines

nice concept!

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