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very style 1+

nice! 1+

nice typogaphy : ) i like it!

this looks like your signature style my friend, gradient looks awesome, amazing typo, your previous one was one of my all time favorites, anywas, great artwork, designs youve got there, love how this one covers almost the whole front of the shirt, so clean, so smooth, voted for sure, amazing….check my style and throw me some feedback, would truly apreciate it…peace..

me gusta! muy buen diseño.

maneiro! +1



Great style.. Typo <3..

oww…this is nice typo……


very simple but excelent work…..i want this shirt for real……..very nice +1
check out mine if you can

<3 Avantgarde

simplicity at its finest

+1 ^^ very nice….

Must. have. it! +1.

Love the color and font style. I have a bunch of shirts that are like this.

Typemaster! +1

i love avant garde.. +1 check out my work and tell me what you think

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