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Very Cool, I like how you rendered that, very interesting design overall, +1!

love it

i like the butterflys

Interesting. Very nice piece

very interesting work u do. i like ur visual style. what inspires ur artwork and how do u go about putting together ur mediums? voted. I just started here and have made a submission. My boyfriend has some designs on here too but has never been printed. I am trying to beat him to the punch lol. hopefully my design will be except in the next couple of days. any advice would be great from you. thank you

Oh man Its awesome.. really… keep it +1


Very nice dude. even for boy’s.

Love it without the reflection too. Wow. The back design makes it pop. <33

Thanks guyz for all sincere comments

Beautiful work.

nice one dude! +1


thanks … excellent your work too!


I must agree that it looks much better without the reflection. That’s really creative. I’m curious how you came up with this idea.

amazing! very good :)

yo man,
ain’t been around for a while,
this is really,really good hey!
much better without the reflection hey…
well done +1

This is stunning! I hope this wins so I can buy it :)

Makes me think….
I like it.

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